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Salt water to Helm Chart's wheel

Flexible way to perform configuration management actions in the Helm chart’s.

We uses years Salt, Chef, Ansible, …​ to do complex configuration steps, but when it came to implement a new feature in Helm Chart app folks once again tend to fall back to bash, curl and the Helm hell templates.


My use-case is simple. I want to update Influxdb chart. and provide way to:

  • create database

  • configure users

  • access right’s

  • continuous_queries

  • retention policies

Quite common stuff when using influxdb. Additionally any lifecycle will need scheduled cron job to prune data etc. which is nothing else then kind of query to the backend.

Common use-case, but what a surprise the Chart did not had these implemented. Not even upstream one. (well google upstream has users + rights but still I was not satisfied.)

Wait, in general these and similar functions we already implemented under "Salt/Chef" tools years ago. miss as well. There must be a huge gap in functions available in what other charts as well.

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