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Working holiday NZ, the APe

Working holiday on New Zealand - Y1m1 Autor:Petr Michalec, Adriana Michalcova Contacts:epcim@apealive.net, adrika@apealive.net Release info Notes about our working holiday on New Zealand in 2010. There is also a 'day2day' blog (czech language only) from our trip on http://travelpod.com/members/epcim trip. LatestUpdate:03/2010 Version:1.4 DRAFT Content Planning a trip APe's ideas for NZ trip Airplane tickets What to pack (updated from NZ) Experience with equipment we have Cooker APe's NZ 2010 Guide book Just after arrival Car or wan Prepaid SIM card NZ Bank account IRD - Invoice number Other Expenses Where to save money What we remember we have paid for Places to visit Northland Southern Useful links Other guides and blogs NZ Immigration Job Traveling, back country related info Planning a trip Here comes some notes for other NZ travelers.…

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