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NOTE: This page is early draft, sorry for inconvenience!


I enjoy color and like to photograph people and situations.

This page serve for quick access to our public photographs.

Pubclic albums 🔗︎

Photostreams 🔗︎

  • Twitter
  • iCloud,ask to get private links


Nikon D200 (APS) 🔗︎

  • 28-XXmm Nikkor, Nikkor 50mm f/2, Tamron f/4 12-18mm.

Stativ 🔗︎

  • Manfroto 190ProB

Who I follow

Ken Rockwell I like this man his “classic” articles.

Fuji vs. Fuji Well as Nikon does not do as well as I would like I tend to make a shift.

The social sites as 500px.com, Pinterest.com, Flicker.