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DevOps Kung-fu workshop

Work in progress…

I am now working on DevOps workshop that would show up Chef, Consul, Docker possibilities in DEV and orchestration together with KitchenCI and InSpec testing and auditing.

As a first stage I created my own version for DevOps kung-fu presentation: http://slides.com/petrmichalec/epcim-devops-cult

DevOpsKungFu presentation

Note: this was originaly presented by Adam Jacob / CTO of Chef / @adamhjk - http://github.com/chef/devops-kungfu. Worth to watch youtube stream BTW.

On the list I now have now many topics I got in touch in last year, some mentioned below I will publish here. The ones I already starter to work on:

  • Writing Chef cookboks, including new chef resources introduced in 12.5.
    • Percona MySQL deployment with Chef & Consul in place.
    • Labs for Chef cookbooks deploying Apps to Node.js / WAS Liberty.
  • Great “knife-zero” use-cases for server-less deployment.
  • Desktop cross platform (win/lin/osx) configuration cookbook combining chef-zero, pantry cookbook, Policyfiles, BoxStarter, Chocolately
  • Chef Policyfiles, Policy repos use-case examples to simplify one-shot deployments. (PoC for avoiding roles/environments in this tech preview)
  • Server/InSpec environment audit controls & checks. (ie: integration testing)

I will update this post as more content will get online.


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