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Running devops workshop in Warsaw

DevOps workshop with Chef

At the end of the 2015 I was asked by IBM colleague from Poland who is leading a team of Java developers to develop and deliver a DevOps workshop.

I took a challenge and delivered March 9-10 in Warsaw personally. The slides from the event are available at: http://slides.com/petrmichalec/devops-workshop

Agenda 🔗︎

At first quite challenge as the DevOps topic is so wide, right? Finally I narrowed agenda to some “devops” discussion, Chef.io and Docker including extensive labs.

The topics included:

  • DevOps Definitions
  • Chef DevOps Kung-fu
  • Chef introduction
  • Toolbox
  • Chef workflow
  • Chef Delivery, Analytics
  • TTD, Compliance
  • CI/CD
  • Labs
    • Chef Lab I., II., III.
    • Docker Labs I, II.
    • ELK, GRAFANA, Drone.io

Lessons learned 🔗︎

I got quite positive feedback after all. Anyway the most frequent complains were “too much tools to start with”, “chef labs needs more time”. And yes all that’s true. It’s a tough workshop. Next time I will reschedule for more days anyway.

Actually I found DEVs and OPS people that their the level of “linux” skills to operate CLI and editors, git and around tooling at a level of zero from my “uff” terminal guy perspective. That brings the questions to my mind what to start fist. Editors and shell of choice?


I have split the workshop in two. Another change I will do is to split participants to teams and init cooperation during labs over slack etc. If you are interested I would be pleased to deliver:

  • 1-day docker workshop (intermediate)
  • 2-day chef training (intermediate)

Photos from the trip

Warsaw, IBM HQ


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