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Meeting our flat again

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With feelings of "just" longer vacation we are back at home country. Adriana noted that it's cold and a minute later paced a question When this Europe vacation ends?

Just for all our readers. We are in CR since 25.12. Since that time to Feb 06 we have been staying in our flat over night just for one night. Seems we are still live like an backpackers :-D. Sure there was couple of reasons - meeting friends, pub & beer, meeting friends, pub & beer etc. Last two weeks in February we took care of Adriana brother children (4y,8y and 17y) while he was on his Thailand vacation. At the time of writing this post we are even back at our regular jobs, monkeying money again :-).

I must admit that being in "parent's" role was not an easy task. Specially the smallest ones was a tough job. We were completely kids.. kids.. kid..napped. Just that part where you educate them take unbelievable amount of time. After three days I was just happy to find some Computer games that can entertain them for more than one hour. Finally time for quiet cup of coffee.

Hey, we had got our flat in good condition back, after one year of renting it. Yes there were some fixtures, but in overall we had expected even worsen case. Living room is white and lime green re-painted now. Many thanks to Zuzka & Pavel who helped us. New carpet and white leather sofa on the way. There is a thing to mention. XXXLutz (sofa sellers) keep us crazy - they did managed to deliver us wrong model twice. Just imagine that we have plastic-bag packaged sofa now. No need for Teflon or impregnation. It's so water resistant!

Processing photographs and planing summer is this week goal. Keep in touch. Yours APe duo.