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Image builds with DockerMake

Dockerfile is nice, but it’s a puppet toy when it comes to scale. I am looking for a solution to consistently build many docker images with shared layers and consistent and predictable build workflow.

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Docker Swarm meetup talk

Docker Swarm I have been working closely with TCP Cloud in my spare time during past weeks to evaluate Docker Swarm cluster orchestration. Kind of easy level to get some insight into the product and it’s bugs ;). Yeah.. it’s not production ready yet! Anyway I am going to deliver a sweet talk and open discussion at today’s Docker Meetup (Prague). For these who may concern the presentation is online already.…

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Running devops workshop in Warsaw

DevOps workshop with Chef At the end of the 2015 I was asked by IBM colleague from Poland who is leading a team of Java developers to develop and deliver a DevOps workshop. I took a challenge and delivered March 9-10 in Warsaw personally. The slides from the event are available at: http://slides.com/petrmichalec/devops-workshop Agenda At first quite challenge as the DevOps topic is so wide, right? Finally I narrowed agenda to some “devops” discussion, Chef.…

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