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Docker Swarm meetup talk

Docker Swarm I have been working closely with TCP Cloud in my spare time during past weeks to evaluate Docker Swarm cluster orchestration. Kind of easy level to get some insight into the product and it’s bugs ;). Yeah.. it’s not production ready yet! Anyway I am going to deliver a sweet talk and open discussion at today’s Docker Meetup (Prague). For these who may concern the presentation is online already.…

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DevOps Kung-fu workshop

Work in progress… I am now working on DevOps workshop that would show up Chef, Consul, Docker possibilities in DEV and orchestration together with KitchenCI and InSpec testing and auditing. As a first stage I created my own version for DevOps kung-fu presentation: http://slides.com/petrmichalec/epcim-devops-cult DevOpsKungFu presentation Note: this was originaly presented by Adam Jacob / CTO of Chef / @adamhjk - http://github.com/chef/devops-kungfu. Worth to watch youtube stream BTW.…

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