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Who am I?

Petr Michalec

An Architect, Developer. ExIBMer. Vi(m) lover. DevOps and OpenSource devoted. Performing cloud infrastructure and application architecture with passion for the edge thing. If you wanna reach me use Keybase, Twitter, Slack. (emails are not the best pick)

Contact 🔗︎

Twitter, Keybase, GitHub, IRC 🔗︎


Work email 🔗︎


Work address 🔗︎

    Volterra Inc.
    2550 Great America Way, Suite 350
    Santa Clara, CA 95054
    Thámova 137/16
    Prague - Karlín, 18600
    Czech Republic

CV 🔗︎

Practicing Developer/Architect/Tech/Team Lead. IBM RedBook author. Certified Cloud Solution Architect.

Wide range skills in the uni*x, cloud*, k8s infrastructures counting configuration management, CI/CD, DevOps, metric and log collection and processing.

Enterprise business experience since 2004. Strong skills and passion I have for technological “edge” implementation, data analytics and visualization. I am a dedicated team player.

I have hands-on experience with major cloud solutions, deployment automation, languages, relational and no-sql databases, networking, virtualisation, software development, testing and writing technical documentation.

I have experience as team lead and architect for private cloud implementations, large scale deployments and daily operations for major world-wide customers.

Key skills 🔗︎

  • Fluent English with communication and presentation skills.
  • Infrastructure and cloud architecture for private and public OpenStack, Kubernetes
  • System and infrastructure deployment for complex and large scale infrastructures.
  • Operation support of production environments of 1k nodes.
  • Configuration management with Salt, Habitat, Chef, (Ansible, …)
  • Programming in Python, Go, Ruby, (C#/.NET, Java and Javascript).
  • DevOps tool-chain for Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment.
  • Vendor specific SW products skills (DB2, ITM, BPM, TSAM, Cognos, IBM Cloud)

Career history 🔗︎

*You wanna be listed here, make me an offer ;-)

201812 - to date ‐ Volterra Inc.

201611 - 201810 ‐ Mirantis, Czech Republic, (Architect, services team lead)

201605 - 201610 ‐ tcp cloud, Czech Republic (Architect)

200404 - 201605 ‐ IBM Czech Republic, Czech Republic (Architect, IT Specialist)

200306 - 200311 ‐ Contactel s.r.o, Czech Republic

200003 - 200306 ‐ Cesky Telecom a.s., Czech Republic

Publications 🔗︎

IBM Implementation Services for Private Clouds:Implementation Guide for Practitioners and Architects (internal); Authors: D.Straeten, S.Hopkins, J.Huang, S.Joshi, S.Pillay, P.Michalec, S.Paul, J.Pierce, E.Sofianos, S.Weis,M.L.;Redbook; IBM ITSO, 2013; ISBN/ISSN: 0738438359

Talks 🔗︎

Active in:

  • Salt community
  • Kubernetes community
  • Habitat community

Personal interests 🔗︎

  • Running

  • Kids - two boys (2012, 2014) and a cute lady (2016)

  • RC Planes, FPV quadcopters

  • Photography

  • OpenSource